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Сделай сам себе маньяка

Чего нашел-то! Генератор случайных названий и сюжетов для несуществующих джиалло. Это прекрасно, я считаю!

Вот тут можно ознакомиться (инглиш онли):

Несколько примеров, что у меня получилось:

Two White Doves on the Cold, Metal Table
Directed by
Romano Pecorino

An American politician's wife is butchered in the style of a killer who terrorized the neighborhood several hundred years ago. An English policewoman is a witness to the the crime; and despite several false leads, she finds out the culprit is a person beyond suspicion.

A Blind Lizard in a Glass Coffin
Directed by
Antonio Michelangeloni
An elderly playwright who is an eyewitness to a murder is abducted, and is subsequently found dead in a river. A spiritualist is mistaken for somone else by the perpetrator of the the mystery. After discovering an old painting, she discovers that the presumed victim, the playwright, is in fact a maniacal killer, and is still on the loose!

Death is a Broken Doll in the Web of the Spider
Directed by
Franco Franco

An attractive woman is discovered naked and drained of blood in an old, dark house. Her best friend is implicated in the murder; and after discovering an old painting, he discovers the maniac's true identity, but is mistakenly gunned down by the police before he can reveal it.

The Hand of Death on the Crystal Balcony

Directed by
Alfredo Toretelloni
A blind student is found dismembered in a train station. Her brother accidentally destroys some crucial evidence about the the murder; and after running afoul of the police investigation, he finds out the culprit is a person beyond suspicion.

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